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3D bioprinting of mouse pre-osteoblasts and human MSCs using bioinks consisting of gelatin and decellularized bone particles (2024) Kara Özenler A, Distler T, Akkineni AR, Tihminlioglu F, Gelinsky M, Boccaccini AR Journal article On the reproducibility of extrusion-based bioprinting: round robin study on standardization in the field (2023) Grijalva Garces D, Strauß S, Gretzinger S, Schmieg B, Jüngst T, Groll J, Meinel L, et al. Journal article Fish scale containing alginate dialdehyde-gelatin bioink for bone tissue engineering (2023) Kara Özenler A, Distler T, Tihminlioglu F, Boccaccini AR Journal article Microfluidically fabricated fibers containing pancreatic islets and mesenchymal stromal cells improve longevity and sustained normoglycemia in diabetic rats (2022) Navaei-Nigjeh M, Mirzababaei S, Ghiass MA, Roshanbinfar K, Gholami M, Abdollahi M Journal article Calcium supplementation of bioinks reduces shear stress-induced cell damage during bioprinting (2022) Fischer L, Nosratlo M, Hast K, Karakaya E, Ströhlein N, Esser T, Gerum R, et al. Journal article Enhanced vascularization and de novo tissue formation in hydrogels made of engineered RGD-tagged spider silk proteins in the arteriovenous loop model (2021) Steiner D, Winkler S, Heltmann-Meyer S, Trossmann VT, Fey T, Scheibel T, Horch RE, Arkudas A Journal article 3D printed oxidized alginate-gelatin bioink provides guidance for C2C12 muscle precursor cell orientation and differentiation via shear stress during bioprinting (2020) Distler T, Solisito A, Schneidereit D, Friedrich O, Detsch R, Boccaccini AR Journal article Improving alginate printability for biofabrication: establishment of a universal and homogeneous pre-crosslinking technique (2020) Hazur J, Detsch R, Karakaya E, Kaschta J, Teßmar J, Schneidereit D, Friedrich O, et al. Journal article 4D Biofabrication of fibrous artificial nerve graft for neuron regeneration (2020) Apsite I, Constante G, Dulle M, Vogt L, Caspari A, Boccaccini AR, Synytska A, et al. Journal article Direct ink writing of silica-bonded calcite scaffolds from preceramic polymers and fillers (2017) Fiocco L, Elsayed H, Badocco D, Pastore P, Bellucci D, Cannillo V, Detsch R, et al. Journal article, Original article