IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs

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ISSN: 1057-7130
eISSN: 1558-3791
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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High-Voltage Analog Switch Inspired by Stacked MOSFET-Based RF Switches (2023) Solomko V, Syroiezhin S, Weigel R Journal article Extended Signaling Methods for Reduced Video Decoder Power Consumption Using Green Metadata (2023) Herglotz C, Kränzler M, Chu X, Francois E, He Y, Kaup A Journal article, Original article Precision- and Accuracy-Reconfigurable Processor Architectures—An Overview (2022) Brand M, Hannig F, Keszöcze O, Teich J Journal article, Original article Fast Reconstruction of Three-Quarter Sampling Measurements Using Recurrent Local Joint Sparse Deconvolution and Extrapolation (2022) Grosche S, Regensky A, Sinn A, Seiler J, Kaup A Journal article A Broadband Zero-IF Down-Conversion Mixer in 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS for Beyond 5G Communication Systems in D-Band (2021) Maiwald T, Potschka J, Kolb K, Dietz M, Visweswaran A, Weigel R, Hagelauer A Journal article, Letter A 130 GHz Fully-Integrated Fundamental-Frequency D-Band Transmitter Module with > 4 dBm Single-Ended Output Power (2020) Aguilar E, Issakov V, Weigel R Journal article Modified Gilbert-Cell Mixer with an LO Waveform Shaper and Switched Gate-Biasing for 1/f Noise Reduction in 28 nm CMOS (2019) Ciocoveanu R, Weigel R, Hagelauer AM Journal article Voltage and Current Selector Based Biasing Topology for Multiple Supply Voltage Circuits (2017) Easwaran SN, Chellamuthu S, Venugopal SK, Weigel R Journal article Chaos in a Single Op-Amp–Based Jerk Circuit: Experiments and Simulations (2016) Tchitnga R, Nguazon T, Louodop Fotso, PH, Gallas J Journal article, Original article Six-Port Receiver Analog Front-End: Multilayer Design and System Simulation (2008) Winter S, Kölpin A, Weigel R Journal article