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Publisher: American Geophysical Union (AGU)

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Enhanced Variability and Declining Trend of Soil Moisture Since the 1880s on the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau (2023) Wang L, Liu H, Grießinger J, Chen D, Sun C, Fang C Journal article Drought Conditions Enhance Groundwater Table Fluctuations Caused by Hydropower Plant Management (2022) Basilio Hazas M, Marcolini G, Castagna M, Galli M, Singh T, Wohlmuth B, Chiogna G Journal article Impacts of Peak-Flow Events on Hyporheic Denitrification Potential (2022) Singh T, Gupta S, Chiogna G, Krause S, Wohlmuth B Journal article Identifying Stagnation Zones and Reverse Flow Caused by River-Aquifer Interaction: An Approach Based on Polynomial Chaos Expansions (2021) Merchán-Rivera P, Wohlmuth B, Chiogna G Journal article Efficiency and Accuracy of Micro-Macro Models for Mineral Dissolution (2020) Gärttner S, Frolkovič P, Knabner P, Ray N Journal article Self-Organizing Maps for Evaluation of Biogeochemical Processes and Temporal Variations in Water Quality of Subtropical Reservoirs (2019) Melo DS, Gontijo ESJ, Frascareli D, Simonetti VC, Machado LS, Barth J, Moschini-Carlos V, et al. Journal article Bayesian Calibration and Sensitivity Analysis for a Karst Aquifer Model Using Active Subspaces (2019) Teixeira Parente M, Bittner D, Mattis SA, Chiogna G, Wohlmuth B Journal article Kinetic Interface Sensitive Tracers: Experimental Validation in a Two-Phase Flow Column Experiment. A Proof of Concept (2018) Tatomir A, De Vriendt K, Zhou D, Gao H, Duschl F, Sun F, Licha T, Sauter M Journal article, Original article Revisiting the Analytical Solution Approach to Mixing-Limited Equilibrium Multicomponent Reactive Transport Using Mixing Ratios: Identification of Basis, Fixing an Error, and Dealing With Multiple Minerals (2017) Ginn T, Schreyer L, Sanchez-Vila X, Nassar MK, Ali AA, Kräutle S Journal article Entropy-based critical reaction time for mixing-controlled reactive transport (2017) Chiogna G, Rolle M Journal article
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