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Multilayer coatings based on cerium oxide and manganese cobaltite spinel for Crofer22APU SOC interconnects (2024) Zanchi E, Ignaczak J, Cempura G, Molin S, Boccaccini AR, Smeacetto F Journal article Preparation of compact alginate films for 2D in vitro studies: Challenges and strategies for improvement (2023) Schöbel L, Karakaya E, Detsch R, Boccaccini AR Journal article Flexural strength of biopolymer coated bioactive glass (45S5) sintered struts for bone tissue engineering applications (2023) Nawaz Q, Fiedler T, Biggemann J, Fey T, Boccaccini AR Journal article Biological properties of chitosan/Eudragit E 100 and chitosan/poly(4-vinylpyridine) coatings electrophoretically deposited on AgNPs-decorated titanium substrate (2023) Pawłowski Ł, Akhtar MA, Zieliński A, Boccaccini AR Journal article Electrospinning of cotton-like fibers based on cerium-doped sol–gel bioactive glass (2023) Lu HH, Zheng K, Boccaccini AR, Liverani L Journal article Centrifugal spinning of polyvinyl alcohol/sodium alginate-di -aldehyde-gelatin based antibacterial nanofibers intended for skin tissue engineering (2022) Akhtar M, Ahmed S, Hussain R, Wadood A, Roy I, Atiq Ur Rehman M, Boccaccini AR Journal article Organic solvent-free synthesis of dendritic mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles with remineralization capability (2022) Han X, Erkan A, Xu Z, Chen Y, Boccaccini AR, Zheng K Journal article Defect induced stress in ion irradiated nanocrystalline Ge2Sb2Te5 (2022) Marcos VL, Asemann P, Schrempel F, Ronning C, Wendler E Journal article Large-scale fabrication of graphene/polyamide-6 composite as a high thermal conductivity engineering composite for thermal radiators (2022) Cao W, Shaker M, Meng X, Feng H Journal article Influence of µCT scanning resolution and volume on FEM-simulation of periodic 3D-printed porous ceramics (2021) Biggemann J, Köllner D, Schatz J, Stumpf M, Fey T Journal article