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Radar and Lidar Deep Fusion: Providing Doppler Contexts to Time-of-Flight Lidar (2023) Jin Y, Kuang Y, Hoffmann M, Schüßler C, Deligiannis A, Fuentes-Michel JC, Vossiek M Journal article, Original article Passive, Wireless In Situ Millimeterwave Sensor with Mounted Dielectric Channels for Cure Monitoring of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (2023) Dorbath B, Schür J, Ziegmann G, Vossiek M Journal article Noise-robust Machine Learning Models for Predictive Maintenance Applications (2023) Suawa P, Halbinger A, Jongmanns M, Reichenbach M Journal article Localization of Passively Guided Capsule Endoscopes-A Review (2022) Zeising S, Thalmayer A, Lübke M, Fischer G, Kirchner J Journal article, Review article Human Activity Recognition based on the Fading characteristics of the On-body Channel (2022) Dib W, Ghanem K, Ababou A, Eskofier B Journal article Data-driven Radar Processing Using a Parametric Convolutional Neural Network for Human Activity Classification (2021) Stadelmayer T, Santra A, Weigel R, Lurz F Journal article, Original article Estimating TOA Reliability with Variational Autoencoders (2021) Stahlke M, Kram S, Ott F, Feigl T, Mutschler C Journal article, Original article Modeling and Simulation Approaches for Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesting Systems (2021) Gedeon D, Dorsch P, Rupitsch SJ Journal article Perovskite PV-Powered RFID: Enabling Low-Cost Self-Powered IoT Sensors (2020) Kantareddy SNR, Mathews I, Sun S, Layurova M, Thapa J, Correa-Baena JP, Bhattacharyya R, et al. Journal article Capacity Planning of LoRa Networks with Joint Noise-Limited and Interference-Limited Coverage Considerations (2019) Elshabrawy T, Robert J Journal article
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