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The alteration of illite by Bad Nauheim and Gerolstein brine; Implications on fluid permeability in geothermal systems (2023) Götz E, Neder R, Kolb U, Kleebe HJ Journal article Comparative cytotoxicity of kaolinite, halloysite, multiwalled carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide (2021) Rozhina E, Batasheva S, Miftakhova R, Yan X, Vikulina AS, Volodkin D, Fakhrullin R Journal article Microaggregation of goethite and illite evaluated by mechanistic modeling (2020) Zech S, Dultz S, Guggenberger G, Prechtel A, Ray N Journal article Hydrothermal synthesis of 11 Å tobermorite – Effect of adding metakaolin to the basic compound (2020) Schreiner J, Götz-Neunhoeffer F, Neubauer J, Jansen D Journal article, Online publication Hybrid materials based on a layered zinc hydroxide solid and gallic acid: Structural characterization and evaluation of the controlled release behavior as a function of the gallic acid content (2019) Ruiz Madronero C Journal article, Original article Functional organoclay with high thermal stability and its synergistic effect on intumescent flame retardant polypropylene (2017) Xiao D, Li Z, Zhao X, Gohs U, Wagenknecht U, Voit B, Wang DY Journal article Resolving diffusion in clay minerals at different time scales: Combination of experimental and modeling approaches (2014) Churakov SV, Gimmi T, Unruh T, Van Loon LR, Juranyi F Journal article Influence of metakaolin characteristics on the mechanical properties of geopolymers (2013) Kuenzel C, Neville TP, Donatello S, Vandeperre L, Boccaccini AR, Cheeseman CR Journal article The urea method for the direct synthesis of ZnAl layered double hydroxides with nitrate as the interlayer anion (2011) Inayat A, Klumpp M, Schwieger W Journal article Highly dispersed Pd nanoparticles within silica: Synthesis and characterization (2011) Ofili IJ, Steinrück HP, Schwieger W, Ramakrishnan A, Dumbuya K, Gottfried M Journal article, Original article