Crystal Growth and Design

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Effect of Methoxy Ligand-Substituent and NCE Coligands in Tuning T1/2 of Coordinatively Elastic Fe(II) Spin Crossover Complexes (2023) Sundaresan S, Kiehl J, Carrella LM, Rentschler E Journal article Perspective on the Use of Ultrasonic Monitoring for In Situ Diagnostics of Zeolite and MOF Crystallization (2023) Ermer M, Reber R, Baser HH, Fischer M, Schwieger W, Hartmann M Journal article Crystallization Mechanism of Gel-Derived SiO2-TiO2 Amorphous Nanobeads Elucidated by High-Temperature In Situ Experiments (2023) Zandonà A, Véron E, Helsch G, Canizarès A, Deubener J, Allix M, Genevois C Journal article Melting and Crystallization Features of CsPbBr3 Perovskite (2022) Kanak A, Kopach O, Kanak L, Levchuk I, Isaiev M, Brabec C, Fochuk P, Khalavka Y Journal article Lattice Modification and Morphological Control of Halide-Substituted yqt-Type Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks Zn3mim5X, with X = F, Br, Cl, or OH (2022) Glante S, Wisser D, Hartmann M, Joos M, Dinnebier RE, Bette S Journal article Cocrystal Formation in Choline Chloride Deep Eutectic Solvents (2022) Alhadid A, Jandl C, Mokrushina L, Minceva M Journal article Crystal Growth of a New 8H Perovskite Sr8Os6.3O24Exhibiting High TCFerromagnetism (2021) Thakur GS, Doert T, Mohitkar S, Schnelle W, Felser C, Jansen M Journal article Elucidating the Structural Evolution of a Highly Porous Responsive Metal-Organic Framework (DUT-49(M)) upon Guest Desorption by Time-Resolved in Situ Powder X-ray Diffraction (2021) Garai B, Bon V, Walenszus F, Khadiev A, Novikov D, Kaskel S Journal article Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Cocrystal Formation in L-Menthol/Thymol Eutectic System (2021) Alhadid A, Jandl C, Mokrushina L, Minceva M Journal article Thermochemical and Structural Studies of New Chiral and Achiral Long Alkyl Chain Functionalized Imidazolinium Ionic Liquids (2021) Seidl V, Sternberg M, Heinemann FW, Schmiele M, Unruh T, Wasserscheid P, Meyer K Journal article
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