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Pulse current electroforming of Ni-PTFE nanocomposite mold insert with long-lifetime and anti-adhesive properties (2024) Zhang L, Yang D, Ma Z, Deng Z, Li Z, Drummer D, Jiang B Journal article Investigating the V(II)/V(III) electrode reaction in a vanadium redox flow battery – A distribution of relaxation times analysis (2024) Schilling M, Zeis R Journal article Investigation of the degradation of proton exchange membrane water electrolysis cells using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy with distribution of relaxation times analysis (2024) Sánchez Batalla B, Bachmann J, Weidlich C Journal article Quantifying the influence of temperature on Al current collector dissolution in LiTFSI-based lithium-ion battery electrolytes via coupled on-line mass analysis (2024) Behling C, Lüchtefeld J, Wachs SJ, Mayrhofer KJ, Berkes BB Journal article Diffusion coefficients in binary electrolyte mixtures by dynamic light scattering and molecular dynamics simulations (2023) Hewa Kankanamge CJK, Zhan T, Piszko M, Klein T, Fröba AP Journal article, Original article Numerical and experimental analysis of the effects of tar components on single planar SOFC under high fuel utilization (2023) Li Y, Grimm F, Karl J Journal article Pt-single atom decorated TiO2: Tuning anodic TiO2 nanotube structure and geometry toward a high-performance photocatalytic H2 production (2023) Chen X, Qin S, Denisov N, Kure-Chu SZ, Schmuki P Journal article Isopropanol electro-oxidation on Pt-Ru-Ir: A journey from model thin-film libraries towards real electrocatalysts (2023) Minichová M, Van Pham C, Xiao B, Savan A, Hutzler A, Körner A, Khalakhan I, et al. Journal article Evaluating the stability of Ir single atom and Ru atomic cluster oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalysts (2023) Zlatar M, Nater D, Escalera-López D, Joy RM, Pobedinskas P, Haenen K, Copéret C, Cherevko S Journal article Single atom electrocatalysts: Foreword (2023) Cherevko S, Jaouen F, Dekel DR Journal article