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Engineering photon-mediated long-range spin interactions in Mott insulators (2024) Fadler P, Schmidt KP, Li J, Eckstein M Journal article Chiral phonons and phononic birefringence in ferromagnetic metal-bulk acoustic resonator hybrids (2024) Müller M, Weber J, Engelhardt F, Bittencourt VA, Luschmann T, Cherkasskii M, Opel M, et al. Journal article Surface telluride phases on Pt(111): Reconstructive formation of unusual adsorption sites and well-ordered domain walls (2023) Kißlinger T, Schewski A, Raabgrund A, Loh H, Hammer L, Schneider MA Journal article Strongly anisotropic spin and orbital Rashba effect at a tellurium - noble metal interface (2023) Geldiyev B, Ünzelmann M, Eck P, Kißlinger T, Schusser J, Figgemeier T, Kagerer P, et al. Journal article Stochastic semiclassical theory for nonequilibrium electron-phonon coupled systems (2023) Picano A, Grandi F, Werner P, Eckstein M Journal article Independent and coherent transitions between antiferromagnetic states of few-molecule systems (2023) Besson C, Stegmann P, Schnee M, Zanolli Z, Achilli S, Wittemeier N, Vierck A, et al. Journal article Inhomogeneous disordering at a photoinduced charge density wave transition (2023) Picano A, Grandi F, Eckstein M Journal article Free electron laser stochastic spectroscopy revealing silicon bond softening dynamics (2023) De Angelis D, Principi E, Bencivenga F, Fausti D, Foglia L, Klein Y, Manfredda M, et al. Journal article Dynamical backaction evading magnomechanics (2023) Potts CA, Huang Y, Bittencourt VA, Viola Kusminskiy S, Davis JP Journal article Magnomechanical backaction corrections due to coupling to higher-order Walker modes and Kerr nonlinearities (2023) Bittencourt VA, Potts CA, Huang Y, Davis JP, Viola Kusminskiy S Journal article