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Mustelids from Sackdilling Cave (Bavaria, Germany) and their biostratigraphic significance (2021) Marciszak A, Ambros DC, Hilpert B Journal article Vitinellopsis nov. gen., a new calcareous alga (Chlorophyta, Bryopsidales) from the Silurian of Gotland (Sweden), and the tribe Vitinelleae nov. nom (2021) Vachard D, Bucur II, Munnecke A Journal article New freshwater mussels (Bivalvia, Unionida) with potential trigonioidid and hyriid affinities from the Early Cretaceous of Brazil (2020) Silva VR, Varejão FG, Matos SA, Rodrigues MG, Fürsich F, Skawina A, Schneider S, et al. Journal article The Unitary Association method in biochronology and its potential stratigraphic power between benthic and planktic organisms: A case study on foraminifers from Paleocene–Eocene strata of southern Egypt (2018) Abdelhady A, Seuß B, El-Dawy M, Obaidalla N, Hussien S, Mahfouzd K Journal article Ammonites of the subfamily Mayaitinae Spath, 1928 from the Oxfordian of Kachchh, Western India (2015) Alberti M, Pandey DK, Hethke M, Fürsich F Journal article New records of early Middle Jurassic belemnites in the French Subalpine Basin and their paleobiogeographic significance (2012) Mariotti N, Weis R, di Cencio A, Clément A, de Baets K Journal article, Original article Remarks on the Permian dasycladalean alga Sinoporella leei Yabe, 1949 (2009) Bucur II, Munnecke A, Granier B, Yan J Journal article, Original article Rhabdomesid and cystoporid bryozoans from the Permian of Deh-e Mohammad, Shotori Mountains (north-eastern Iran) (2009) Ernst A, Senowbari-Daryan B, Rashidi K Journal article Stable isotope and trace element geochemistry of Upper Cretaceous carbonates and belemnite rostra (Middle Campanian, north Germany) (2002) NIebuhr S, Joachimski M Journal article, Original article Stable isotope and trace element geochemistry of Upper Cretaceous coccolith limestones and belemnite rostra (Middle Campanian, North Germany) (2002) Joachimski M Journal article