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Large eddy simulation of OME3 and OME4 spray combustion under heavy-duty conditions (2023) Haspel P, Gierth S, Popp S, Scholtissek A, Rieß S, Wensing M, Hasse C Journal article The conversion of naphthalene on SOFC anodes and its impact on the cell performance (2023) Li Y, Grimm F, Karl J Journal article Image-based biomass characterization: Comparison of conventional image processing and a deep learning approach (2023) Lukas J, Kolb S, Heinbuch J, Willig L, Plankenbühler T, Müller D, Karl J Journal article Thermochemical properties of benzyltoluenes and their hydro- and perhydro-derivatives as key components of a liquid organic hydrogen carrier system (2023) Verevkin SP, Vostrikov SV, Leinweber A, Wasserscheid P, Müller K Journal article Comprehensive thermodynamic study of substituted indoles/perhydro indoles as potential liquid organic hydrogen carrier system (2023) Safronov SP, Vostrikov SV, Samarov AA, Wasserscheid P, Müller K, Verevkin SP Journal article Thermochemical properties of 6,7-benzindole and its perhydrogenated derivative: A model component for liquid organic hydrogen carriers (2022) Kondratev SO, Zaitsau DH, Vostrikov SV, Li S, Bösmann A, Wasserscheid P, Müller K, Verevkin SP Journal article Enhancing aromatics and olefins yields in thermo-catalytic pyrolysis of LDPE over zeolites: Role of staged catalysis and acid site density of HZSM-5 (2022) Inayat A, Inayat A, Schwieger W, Sokolova B, Lestinsky P Journal article 3D simulation of a ballistic direct injection cycle for the assessment of fuel property effects on cavitating injector internal flow dynamics and primary breakup (2022) Schwarz P, Blume M, Weiß L, Wensing M, Skoda R Journal article Spatio-temporal identification of plume dynamics by 3D computed tomography using engine combustion network spray G injector and various fuels (2020) Hwang J, Weiß L, Karathanassis IK, Koukouvinis P, Pickett LM, Skeen SA Journal article Prediction of the knock propensity of biogenous fuel gases: Application of the detonation theory to syngas blends (2020) Lechner R, Hornung A, Brautsch M Journal article
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