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Thermodynamics of Reversible Hydrogen Storage: Are Methoxy-Substituted Aromatics better through Oxygen Functionality? (2024) Samarov AA, Müller K, Wasserscheid P, Verevkin SP Journal article Chemical Recycling of Waste Polypropylene via Thermocatalytic Pyrolysis over HZSM-5 Catalysts (2023) Inayat A, Inayat A, Schwieger W, Klemencova K, Lestinsky P Journal article Spatially Resolved Tomographic Assessment of Axial Mixing in Structured and Random Packings (2023) Kögl T, Linder T, Arlt W Journal article Resonant Ultrasonic Defoaming in Aqueous Evaporation/Boiling Processes at Different Size Scales (2022) Thünnesen J, Gerstenberg C, Heller D, Leuner H, Einfalt D, Mchardy C, Gatternig B, et al. Journal article Helical Packing Columns for Preventing Foam Formation: Experimental and Numerical Investigations (2022) Osorio Nesme A, Hohagen H, Topic N, Thünnesen J, Mobarak MM, Lyu W, Jahn A, et al. Journal article Foam Drainage Parametric Study Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method Considering the Non-Newtonian Behavior (2022) Mobarak MM, Gatternig B, Delgado A, Bernstein T, Mchardy C, Rauh C Journal article Deoxygenation of Bio-oil from Calcium-Rich Paper-Mill Waste (2020) Bashir MA, Jahangiri H, Hornung A, Ouadi M Journal article Carbon-Methanol Based Adsorption Heat Pumps: Identifying Accessible Parameter Space with Carbide-Derived Carbon Model Materials (2020) Träger L, Gläsel J, Scherle M, Hartmann J, Nieken U, Etzold BJ Journal article Model-Based Optimization of Ripening Processes with Feedback Modules (2020) Spinola M, Keimer A, Segets D, Leugering G, Pflug L Journal article In Situ Monitoring of Particle Formation with Spectroscopic and Analytical Techniques Under Solvothermal Conditions (2020) Embrechts H, Hartmann M, Peukert W, Distaso M Journal article
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