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The Norbornadiene/Quadricyclane Pair as Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage System: Surface Science Investigations (2024) Hemauer F, Steinrück HP, Papp C Journal article, Review article Influence of Donor-Acceptor Interactions on MLCT Hole Reconfiguration in {Ru(bpy)} Chromophores (2024) Cotic A, Heinemann FW, Slep LD, Cadranel A Journal article Bromine Adsorption and Thermal Stability on Rh(111): A Combined XPS, LEED and DFT Study (2023) Freiberger EM, Steffen J, Waleska-Wellnhofer N, Harrer A, Hemauer F, Schwaab V, Görling A, et al. Journal article Experimental and Theoretical Structure Elucidation of the [2 : 1] Complex Ion of Carbo[n]helicene with n=6, 7 and 8 and Ag+ (2023) Oschwald J, Reger D, Frühwald S, Warmbrunn V, Görling A, Jux N, Drewello T Journal article Structure and Conformation of Individual Molecules upon Adsorption of a Mixture of Benzoporphyrins on Ag(111), Cu(111), and Cu(110) Surfaces (2023) Adhikari R, Brox J, Massicot S, Ruppel M, Jux N, Marbach H, Steinrück HP Journal article Predicting a New Δ-Proton Sponge-Base of 4,12-Dihydrogen-4,8,12-triazatriangulene through Proton Affinity, Aromatic Stabilization Energy, and Aromatic Magnetism (2023) Al-Yassiri MA, Puchta R Journal article Understanding the Buoy Effect of Surface-Enriched Pt Complexes in Ionic Liquids: A Combined ARXPS and Pendant Drop Study** (2023) Hemmeter D, Paap U, Wellnhofer N, Gezmis E, Kremitzl D, Wasserscheid P, Steinrück HP, Maier F Journal article Efficient Assessment of ‘Instantaneous pK’ Values from Molecular Dynamics Simulations (2023) Duchstein P, Löffler F, Zahn D Journal article Surface Chemistry of the Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage System 2,3-Dicyano-Norbornadiene/Quadricyclane on Ni(111) (2022) Hemauer F, Bauer U, Fromm L, Weiß C, Leng A, Bachmann P, Düll F, et al. Journal article On the Role of Amides and Imides for Understanding GaN Syntheses from Ammonia Solution: Molecular Mechanics Models of Ammonia, Amide and Imide Interactions with Gallium Nitride (2022) Wonglakhon T, Zahn D Journal article