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Sol-gel coatings for solar cover glass: Influence of surface structure on dust accumulation and removal (2024) Zimmermann T, Stauch C, Bittel L, Jüngling N, Muhamettursun M, Halik M, Niessner J, et al. Journal article Comparative analysis of outdoor energy harvest of organic and silicon solar modules for applications in BIPV systems (2023) Feroze S, Distler A, Forberich K, Ahmed Channa I, Doll B, Brabec C, Egelhaaf HJ Journal article Harnessing multiple generated excitons from intermolecular singlet fission of perylene–monoimides in a p-type dye-sensitized solar cell (2023) Papadopoulos I, Schol P, Garcés-Garcés J, Sastre-Santos Á, Fernández-Lázaro F, Guldi DM Journal article How changes in worldwide operating conditions affect solar cell performance (2021) Peters IM, Buonassisi T Journal article Verification of deterministic solar forecasts (2020) Yang D, Alessandrini S, Antonanzas J, Antonanzas-Torres F, Badescu V, Beyer HG, Blaga R, et al. Journal article Light capacitances in silicon and perovskite solar cells (2019) Almora O, Garcia-Belmonte G Journal article, Original article Site-specific assessment of mechanical loads on photovoltaic modules from meteorological reanalysis data (2019) Camus C, Offermann P, Weissmann M, Buerhop C, Hauch J, Brabec C Journal article Automatic Classification of Defective Photovoltaic Module Cells in Electroluminescence Images (2019) Deitsch S, Christlein V, Berger S, Buerhop-Lutz C, Maier A, Gallwitz F, Riess C Journal article, Original article Advantages of operation flexibility and load sizing for PV-powered system design (2018) Watson S, Bian D, Sahraei N, Winter AG, Buonassisi T, Peters IM Journal article Monitoring and assessment of PV generation based on a combination of smart metering and thermographic measurement (2018) Stegner C, Dalsass M, Luchscheider P, Brabec C Journal article, Original article
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