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Influence of Taylor Vortex Flow on the Crystallization of L-Glutamic Acid as an Organic Model Compound (2022) Trinh TTH, Nguyen TKP, Khuu CQ, Wolf S, Nguyen AT Journal article Combined Two-Model CFD Simulation of Trickle Bed Reactors with Head-Sump Extension: Case Study on Hydrodynamics and Biological Methanation (2022) Markthaler S, Plankenbühler T, Miederer J, Kolb S, Herkendell K, Karl J Journal article Mapping Wall Deposition Trends of Gas Hydrates: I. Gas-Water-Hydrate Systems (2022) Marques DC, Lange Bassani C, Kakitani C, Marcelino Neto MA, Sum AK, Morales RE Journal article [C(2)mim][CH3SO3].A Suitable New Heat Transfer Fluid? Part 2: Thermophysical Properties of Its Mixtures with Water (2022) Bioucas FEB, Queiros CSGP, Lozano-Martin D, Ferreira MS, Paredes X, Santos AF, Santos FJ, et al. Journal article Capillary Interactions, Aggregate Formation, and the Rheology of Particle-Laden Flows: A Lattice Boltzmann Study (2022) Yang L, Sega M, Leimbach S, Kolb S, Karl J, Harting J Journal article Defining a Slurry Phase Map for Gas Hydrate Management in Multiphase Flow Systems (2021) Bassani CL, Herri JM, Cameirao A, Morales REM, Sum AK Journal article Systematic Experimental Investigations and Modeling of the Heat Transfer in Additively Manufactured Periodic Open Cellular Structures with Diamond Unit Cell (2021) Littwin G, Röder S, Freund H Journal article Numerical Simulation of the Thermo-catalytic Reforming Process: Up-scaling Study (2021) Elmously M, Neidel J, Apfelbacher A, Daschner R, Hornung A Journal article A multiscale approach for gas hydrates considering structure, agglomeration, and transportability under multiphase flow conditions: III. Agglomeration model (2020) Lange Bassani C, Kakitani C, Herri JM, Sum AK, Morales RE, Cameirao A Journal article Identification of Reaction Pathways and Kinetic Modeling of Olefin Interconversion over an H-ZSM-5 Catalyst (2020) Warnecke F, Lin L, Haag S, Freund H Journal article