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Ti3AlC2 MAX Phase Modified Screen-Printed Electrode for the Fabrication of Hydrazine Sensor (2024) Ahmad K, Raza W, Khan RA Journal article An ImmunoFET Coupled with an Immunomagnetic Preconcentration Technique for the Sensitive EIS Detection of HF Biomarkers (2024) Ben Halima H, Zine N, Nemeir IA, Pfeiffer N, Heuberger A, Bausells J, Elaissari A, et al. Journal article Algorithms for Weld Depth Measurement in Laser Welding of Copper with Scanning Optical Coherence Tomography (2022) Will T, Garcia EM, Hoelbling C, Goth C, Schmidt M Journal article In-Process Analysis of Melt Pool Fluctuations with Scanning Optical Coherence Tomography for Laser Welding of Copper for Quality Monitoring (2022) Will T, Jeron T, Hoelbling C, Mueller L, Schmidt M Journal article Microfluidic Technology for the Isolation and Analysis of Exosomes (2022) Wu Y, Wang Y, Lu Y, Luo X, Huang Y, Xie T, Pilarsky C, et al. Journal article, Review article Investigation of Size Effects in Multi-Stage Cold Forming of Metallic Micro Parts from Sheet Metal (2021) Kraus M, Merklein M Journal article Forming of Components with Microgearings from Coil Material—Numerical Modeling of the Process Chain and Experimental Validation (2021) Rohrmoser A, Kraus M, Merklein M Journal article, Original article A low-power rram memory block for embedded, multi-level weight and bias storage in artificial neural networks (2021) Pechmann S, Mai T, Potschka J, Reiser D, Reichel P, Breiling M, Reichenbach M, Hagelauer A Journal article Full assignment of ab-initio raman spectra at finite temperatures using wannier polarizabilities: Application to cyclohexane molecule in gas phase (2021) Partovi-Azar P, Kühne TD Journal article Recent advances in single crystal diamond device fabrication for photonics, sensing and nanomechanics (2021) Rani D, Opaluch OR, Neu E Journal article
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