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Ligand Assisted CO2 Activation and Catalytic Valorization by an NHI-Stabilized Stannylene (2022) Sarkar D, Groll L, Munz D, Hanusch F, Inoue S Journal article Influencing the Product Distribution in Citral Hydrogenation Using Ionic Liquid Modified Cu Catalysts (2022) Naicker L, Schörner M, Kremitzl D, Friedrich HB, Haumann M, Wasserscheid P Journal article A Highly Stable Bimetallic Transition Metal Phosphide Catalyst for Selective Dehydrogenation of n-Heptane (2022) Stöber R, Mai F, Oshin S, Körner A, Hutzler A, Schühle P Journal article Silicon Carbide Supported Liquid Phase (SLP) Hydroformylation Catalysis – Effective Reaction Kinetics from Continuous Gas-phase Operation (2022) Schörner M, Mitländer K, Wolf M, Franke R, Haumann M Journal article An Iron Porphyrin Complex with Pendant Pyridine Substituents Facilitates Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction via Second Coordination Sphere Effects (2021) Ramuglia AR, Budhija V, Ly KH, Marquardt M, Schwalbe M, Weidinger IM Journal article Gas-Phase Hydroformylation Using Supported Ionic Liquid Phase (SILP) Catalysts - Influence of Support Texture on Effective Kinetics (2021) Schörner M, Rothgängel P, Mitländer K, Wisser D, Thommes M, Haumann M Journal article Key Parameters for the Synthesis of Active and Selective Nanostructured 3d Metal Catalysts Starting from Coordination Compounds - Case Study: Nickel Mediated Reductive Amination (2021) Klarner M, Blach P, Wittkämper H, De Jonge N, Papp C, Kempe R Journal article Heterometallic Mg−Ba Hydride Clusters in Hydrogenation Catalysis (2021) Wiesinger M, Knüpfer C, Elsen H, Mai J, Langer J, Harder S Journal article Alcohol-Activated Vanadium-Containing Polyoxometalate Complexes in Homogeneous Glucose Oxidation Identified with 51V-NMR and EPR Spectroscopy (2021) Wesinger S, Mendt M, Albert J Journal article Editorial: The Catalysis of Ring Synthesis (2021) Tsogoeva S, Dong G, Ackermann L Journal article