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Superior solar-to-hydrogen energy conversion efficiency by visible light-driven hydrogen production via highly reduced Ti2+/Ti3+ states in a blue titanium dioxide photocatalyst (2018) De Silva NL, Jayasundera ACA, Folger A, Kasian O, Zhang S, Yan CF, Scheu C, Bandara J Journal article Catalytic properties of pristine and defect-engineered Zr-MOF-808 metal organic frameworks (2018) Mautschke HH, Drache F, Senkovska I, Kaskel S, Llabres I Xamena FX Journal article Oxide-based nanomaterials for fuel cell catalysis: the interplay between supported single Pt atoms and particles (2017) Lykhach Y, Bruix A, Fabris S, Potin V, Matolinova I, Matolin V, Libuda J, Neyman KM Journal article, Review article Addressing stability challenges of using bimetallic electrocatalysts: the case of gold-palladium nanoalloys (2017) Pizzutilo E, Freakley SJ, Geiger S, Baldizzone C, Mingers A, Hutchings GJ, Mayrhofer K, Cherevko S Journal article Modification of nitrogen doped carbon for SILP catalyzed hydroformylation of ethylene (2017) Weiß A, Giese M, Lijewski M, Franke R, Wasserscheid P, Haumann M Journal article Improved synthesis and hydrothermal stability of Pt/C catalysts based on size-controlled nanoparticles (2016) Lemus J, Bedia J, Calvo L, Simakova IL, Murzin DY, Etzold BJ, Rodriguez JJ, Gilarranz MA Journal article Controlled synthesis of PVP-based carbon supported Ru nanoparticles: Synthesis approaches, characterization, capping agent removal and catalytic behavior (2016) Simakova IL, Demidova YS, Glaesel J, Murzina EV, Schubert T, Prosvirin IP, Etzold BJ, Murzin DY Journal article Sensitivity of CO oxidation toward metal oxidation state in ceria-supported catalysts: an operando DRIFTS-MS study (2016) Kaftan A, Kollhoff F, Thanh-Son Nguyen , Piccolo L, Laurina M, Libuda J Journal article Nanoporous silicon carbide as nickel support for the carbon dioxide reforming of methane (2015) Hoffmann C, Plate P, Steinbrueck A, Kaskel S Journal article Aqueous-phase reforming of xylitol over Pt/C and Pt/TiC-CDC catalysts: catalyst characterization and catalytic performance (2014) Kirilin AV, Hasse B, Tokarev AV, Kustov LM, Baeva GN, Bragina GO, Stakheev AY, et al. Journal article
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