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Carburization behavior at elevated temperatures and mechanical properties of a hot stamped complex phase steel (2023) Risse JH, Sippel F, Merklein M Journal article Development of a novel in-situ measurement method for thermo-mechanically coupled material characterization of high-strength aluminum alloys (2023) Rigas N, Garcin T, Kuball CM, Merklein M Journal article, Online publication Mechanical and geometrical characterisation of tumbling self-piercing riveting joints in multi-material-systems (2022) Wituschek S, Lechner M Journal article Investigation of the tensile response and the microstructural evolution during hot drawing of multi-layered, ultrafine-grained AA6014 sheets by thermomechanical analyzes (2022) Zettl B, Merklein M Journal article, Online publication Analysis of Distributed-Ledger-Technology for the Exchange of Design, Production and Simulation Data in Roll Forming (2022) Kohl B, Krueger M, Dietl T, Lechner M, Trunzer E, Merklein M, Sedlmaier A, Vogel-Heuser B Conference contribution Influence of the forming process on springback (2022) Durmaz U, Heibel S, Schweiker T, Prabhakar A, Merklein M Conference contribution Evaluation of testing methods for the characterization of material properties under plane strain (2022) Lenzen M, Merklein M Conference contribution Bending behavior of a hot stamped complex phase steel with tailored properties by local carburization (2021) Horn A, Merklein M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Enhancement of springback prediction of AHSS parts by advanced friction modelling (2021) Durmaz U, Heibel S, Schweiker T, Merklein M, Berahmani S, Hol J, Naegele P Conference contribution Experimental analysis of the influence of the embossing and upsetting process on joint strength in resistance element welding with upset auxiliary joining elements (2021) Meinhardt M, Lechner M, Merklein M Conference contribution
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