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Polystyrene/thermoplastic polyurethane interpenetrating network-based nanocomposite with high-speed, thermo-responsive shape memory behavior (2020) Ghosh T, Voit B, Karak N Journal article Simple Model to Predict the Effect of Take-up Pressure on Fibre Diameter of PET Melt Spinning (2019) Qin Y, Schubert DW Journal article, Review article Synthesis of polymeric ionic liquids with unidirectional chain topology by AB step growth polymerization (2017) Suckow M, Roy M, Sahre K, Haeussler L, Singha NK, Voit B, Boehme F Journal article Polypropylene-based melt mixed composites with singlewalled carbon nanotubes for thermoelectric applications: Switching from p-type to n-type by the addition of polyethylene glycol (2017) Luo J, Cerretti G, Krause B, Zhang L, Otto T, Jenschke W, Ullrich M, et al. Journal article Viscoelastic and electrical behavior of poly(methyl methacrylate)/carbon black composites prior to and after annealing (2017) Pan Y, Liu XH, Kaschta J, Hao X, Liu C, Schubert DW Journal article, Original article In-situ monitoring of silica shell growth on PS-b-P4VP micelles as templates using DLS (2016) Horechyy A, Nandan B, Shajkumar A, Formanek P, Paturej J, Stamm M, Fery A Journal article Long-range interaction forces between 1,3,5-cyclohexanetrisamide fibers in crossed-cylinder geometry (2016) Neugirg BR, Helfricht N, Czich S, Schmidt HW, Papastavrou G, Fery A Journal article Probing soft matter by AFM (2016) Fery A, Krausch G, Papastavrou G Journal article Is electrical percolation in carbon-filled polymers reflected by rheological properties? (2016) Münstedt H, Stary Z Journal article New reactive poly(ionic liquid)s synthesized by polymer analogous conversion of maleic anhydride containing polymers (2016) Suckow M, Zschoche S, Heinrich G, Voit B, Boehme F Journal article
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