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Symmetry broken vectorial Kerr frequency combs from Fabry-Pérot resonators (2024) Hill L, Hirmer EM, Campbell G, Bi T, Ghosh A, Del’Haye P, Oppo GL Journal article Momentum-resolved spin-conserving two-triplon bound state and continuum in a cuprate ladder (2023) Tseng Y, Paris E, Schmidt KP, Zhang W, Asmara TC, Bag R, Strocov VN, et al. Journal article Observation of long-range orbital transport and giant orbital torque (2023) Hayashi H, Jo D, Go D, Gao T, Haku S, Mokrousov Y, Lee HW, Ando K Journal article Constructing coarse-grained skyrmion potentials from experimental data with Iterative Boltzmann Inversion (2023) Ge Y, Rothoerl J, Brems MA, Kerber N, Gruber R, Dohi T, Klaeui M, Virnau P Journal article Photonic integrated processor for structured light detection and distinction (2023) Bütow J, Sharma V, Brandmüller D, Eismann JS, Banzer P Journal article Full quantum control of enantiomer-selective state transfer in chiral molecules despite degeneracy (2022) Leibscher M, Pozzoli E, Perez C, Schnell M, Sigalotti M, Boscain U, Koch CP Journal article Transparent reporting of research-related greenhouse gas emissions through the scientific CO2nduct initiative (2022) Sweke R, Boes P, Ng N, Sparaciari C, Eisert J, Goihl M Journal article Simulating quantum repeater strategies for multiple satellites (2022) Wallnoefer J, Hahn F, Guendogan M, Sidhu JS, Wiesner F, Walk N, Eisert J, Wolters J Journal article Driving spin chirality by electron dynamics in laser-excited antiferromagnets (2022) Ghosh S, Freimuth F, Gomonay O, Bluegel S, Mokrousov Y Journal article Skyrmionic spin structures in layered Fe5GeTe2 up to room temperature (2022) Schmitt M, Denneulin T, Kovacs A, Saunderson TG, Ruessmann P, Shahee A, Scholz T, et al. Journal article
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