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Investigation of the Anisotropic Strain Rate Dependency of AA5182-O and DC04 for Different Stress States (2016) Lenzen M, Affronti E, Rosenschon M, Merklein M Journal article Basic numerical analysis of a “Samanta” based forward extrusion process (2016) Kiener C, Andreas K, Merklein M Journal article Application and Validation of an Existing Industry 4.0 Guideline for the Development of Specific Recommendations for Implementation (2016) Bogner E, Abersfelder S, Heyder A, Franke J Journal article FE-based study of the cutting operation within joining by forming of dissimilar materials using shear-clinching technology (2015) Müller M, Hörhold R, Meschut G, Merklein M Journal article Tailored Mechanical Properties and Residual Stresses of a-C:H:W Coatings (2014) Schmid C, Hetzner H, Tremmel S, Hilpert F, Durst K Journal article, Original article Experimental investigation of laser sintering of conductive adhesive for functional prototypes produced by embedding stereolithography (2014) Niese B, Amend P, Urmoneit U, Roth S, Schmidt M Conference contribution Flexible automation for the production of stators and rotors of electric vehicles (2014) Risch F, Tremel J, Klier T, Franke J Conference contribution Energy KPI’s, challenges for sustainable manufacturing strategies, analysis of existing rules and indicators in an industrial environment in relation to the establishment of energy benchmark (2014) Kreitlein S, Rackow T, Franke J Conference contribution Worker information systems including dynamic visualisation: A perspective for minimising the conflict of objectives between a resource-efficient use of inspection equipment and the cognitive load of the worker (2014) Lušić M, Braz KS, Wittmann S, Fischer C, Hornfeck R, Franke J Conference contribution Electrical functionalization of thermoplastics by combining plasmadust coating and aerosol jet printing (2014) Schramm R, Hörber J, Dold C, Franke J Conference contribution