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Publisher: Deutsche Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Erdöl, Erdgas und Kohle e.V.

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Development of a structured reactor system for CO2 valorisation under dynamic operating conditions (2019) Stiegler T, Meltzer K, Tremel A, Baldauf M, Wasserscheid P, Albert J Conference contribution Application of In2O3-catalysts for Slurry Phase Hydrogenation of CO2 to Methanol: Influence of reaction conditions, support and catalyst preparation (2019) Schühle P, Reichenberger S, Marzun G, Albert J Conference contribution Additive manufacturing meets reaction engineering - Novel Raney® copper catalyst structures for methanol synthesis (2019) Heßelmann C, Wolf T, Körner C, Albert J, Wasserscheid P Conference contribution Formic acid-based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis for green fuel production from wet waste biomass and renewable excess energy (2018) Albert J, Jess A, Kern C, Pöhlmann F, Glowienka K, Wasserscheid P Conference contribution Carbon based catalysts (2016) Etzold BJ Conference contribution Syn-tectonic sequence generation in low gradient desert margin systems - the Lower Triassic Middle Buntsandstein at the western margin of the Ems Basin, NW Germany. (2005) Radies D, Stollhofen H, Hollmann G, Kukla P Journal article, Original article The externally fired gas turbine | Die extern gefeuerte gasturbine (2004) Kautz M, Hansen U, Karl J Journal article Generation of synthesis gas with the biomass heatpipe reformer. Operating experiences and output limits | Erzeugung von synthesegas mit dem biomass heatpipe reformer -Betriebserfahrungen und leistungsgrenzen (2004) Karl J, Karellas S, Kuhn S, Metz T Journal article