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Attentional modulation of the cortical contribution to the frequency-following response evoked by continuous speech (2023) Schüller A, Schilling A, Krauß P, Rampp S, Reichenbach T Journal article The Forces Generated by Agonist Muscles during Isometric Contractions Arise from Motor Unit Synergies (2023) Del Vecchio A, Marconi Germer C, Kinfe TM, Nuccio S, Hug F, Eskofier B, Farina D, Enoka RM Journal article Interfacing Motor Units in Nonhuman Primates Identifies a Principal Neural Component for Force Control Constrained by the Size Principle (2022) Del Vecchio A, Jones RH, Schofield IS, Kinfe TM, Ibáñez J, Farina D, Baker SN Journal article T-Type Ca2+ Channels Boost Neurotransmission in Mammalian Cone Photoreceptors (2022) Davison A, Lux U, Brandstätter JH, Babai N Journal article Reading and Modulating Cortical β Bursts from Motor Unit Spiking Activity (2022) Bräcklein M, Barsakcioglu DY, Del Vecchio A, Ibáñez J, Farina D Journal article The Neural Bases of Tinnitus: Lessons from Deafness and Cochlear Implants (2020) Knipper M, van Dijk P, Schulze H, Mazurek B, Krauß P, Scheper V, Warnecke A, et al. Journal article Differential Coassembly of α1-GABAARs Associated with Epileptic Encephalopathy (2020) Hannan S, Affandi AHB, Minere M, Jones C, Goh P, Warnes G, Popp B, et al. Journal article Auxiliary α2δ1 and α2δ3 Subunits of Calcium Channels Drive Excitatory and Inhibitory Neuronal Network Development (2020) Bikbaev A, Ciuraszkiewicz-Wojciech A, Heck J, Klatt O, Freund R, Mitlöhner J, Enrile Lacalle S, et al. Journal article β-Secretase BACE1 Is Required for Normal Cochlear Function (2019) Dierich M, Hartmann S, Dietrich N, Möser P, Brede F, Johnson Chacko L, Tziridis K, et al. Journal article Neural Speech Tracking in the Theta and in the Delta Frequency Band Differentially Encode Clarity and Comprehension of Speech in Noise (2019) Etard O, Reichenbach T Journal article
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