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Taxes and Gender Equality: The Incidence of the ‘Tampon Tax’ (2023) Hechtner F, Büttner T, Madzharova B Other publication type Prospective Life Cycle Inventory Datasets for Conventional and Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Technologies (2023) Thonemann N, Saavedra-Rubio K, Pierrat E, Dudka K, Bangoura M, Baumann N, Bentheimer C, et al. Journal article When Happy People Make Society Unhappy: Incidental Emotions Affect Compliance Behavior (2023) Hechtner F, Fochmann M, Mohr P, Kirchler E Other publication type Combined Experimental and Numerical Study of Ome3 And Ome4 Spray Combustion Under Heavy-Duty Conditions (2023) Haspel P, Gierth S, Popp S, Scholtissek A, Rieß S, Wensing M, Hasse C Journal article Carbon literacy - can simple interventions help? Effect of information provision on emissions knowledge of private households (2022) Kretschmer S Other publication type Do Better Tax Agency Services Improve Taxpayer Compliance? Evidence from Germany (2022) Hechtner F, Blaufus K, Jarzembski JK Other publication type Cheap Talk and Cherry-Picking: What ClimateBert has to say on Corporate Climate Risk Disclosures (2021) Bingler JA, Kraus M, Leippold M Journal article, Original article The Dynamics of Decentralization in the MENA: Processes, Outcomes, and Obstacles (2020) Shalaby M, Weiss C, Lust E, Kao K, Vollmann E, Bergh S, Karmel E, et al. Journal article EU Agencies in Banking and Energy between Institutional and Policy Centralisation (2020) Eckert S Journal article, Original article