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Towards a virtual Arabidopsis plant

Publication Details
Author(s): Kost B
Publisher: Genome Biology
Publication year: 2001
Volume: 2
Journal issue: 8
Pages range: 4019.1–4019.4
ISSN: 1474-760X

Event details
Event: Royal Society Discussion Meeting "The plant cell: between genome and plant"
Event location: London
Start date of the event: 13/06/2001
End date of the event: 14/06/2001

How to cite
APA: Kost, B. (2001). Towards a virtual Arabidopsis plant. Genome Biology, 2(8), 4019.1–4019.4.

MLA: Kost, Benedikt. "Towards a virtual Arabidopsis plant." Genome Biology 2.8 (2001): 4019.1–4019.4.

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