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Endocytosis of human IgG: Fc receptor complexes by transfected BHK cells

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Author(s): Höning S, Jockusch BM, Kreimer G, Veltel D, Robenek H, Engelhardt W, Frey J
Publisher: Elsevier
Publication year: 1991
Volume: 55
Journal issue: 1
Pages range: 48-59
ISSN: 0171-9335


We have analyzed the mode of uptake of human beta FcRII molecules expressed in BHK cells (clone 2/14). When challenged with aggregated human IgG (ahIgG), these cells bind the ligand at 4 degrees C and endocytose the IgG: receptor complexes rapidly upon warming to 37 degrees C, as seen by fluorescence microscopy with antibodies directed against human IgG. Using 125I-labeled ahIgG, we found that 40% of the bound ligand was internalized within 15 min, and approximately 60% within 2 h. Surface replication and thin sectioning combined with immunogold labeling revealed that the ligand was taken up by coated vesicles and was transferred to the endosomal/lysosomal compartment. This was confirmed by confocal laser microscopy of cells double labeled for clathrin and ahIgG. After modulation of the coated vesicle pattern by hypertonic medium, ahIgG transport was impaired. These data show that a single isoform of human FcRII, expressed in an animal cell negative for Fc receptors, can use the coated vesicle based endocytic pathway of the host cell. Reincubation of cycloheximide-treated cells with a second batch of ligand showed that approximately 20% of the beta FcRII was recycled. This finding is in apparent contrast to the fate of the endogenous Fc receptors expressed on mouse macrophages.

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APA: Höning, S., Jockusch, B.M., Kreimer, G., Veltel, D., Robenek, H., Engelhardt, W., & Frey, J. (1991). Endocytosis of human IgG: Fc receptor complexes by transfected BHK cells. European Journal of Cell Biology, 55(1), 48-59.

MLA: Höning, Stefan, et al. "Endocytosis of human IgG: Fc receptor complexes by transfected BHK cells." European Journal of Cell Biology 55.1 (1991): 48-59.

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