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1550 nm ErAs:In(Al)GaAs large area photoconductive emitters

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Author(s): Preu S, Mittendorff M, Lu H, Weber HB, Winnerl S, Gossard A
Publisher: American Institute of Physics (AIP)
Publication year: 2012
Volume: 101
Journal issue: 10
ISSN: 0003-6951


We report on high power terahertz (THz) emission from ErAs-enhanced In0.52Al0.48As-In0.53Ga0.47As superlattices for operation at 1550 nm. ErAs clusters act as efficient recombination centers. The optical power is distributed among a large, microstructured area in order to reduce the local optical intensity. A THz field strength of 0.7 V/cm (1 V/cm peak-to-peak) at 100 mW average optical power has been obtained, with emission up to about 4 THz in air, limited by the detection crystal used in the system. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics. []

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APA: Preu, S., Mittendorff, M., Lu, H., Weber, H.B., Winnerl, S., & Gossard, A. (2012). 1550 nm ErAs:In(Al)GaAs large area photoconductive emitters. Applied Physics Letters, 101(10).

MLA: Preu, Sascha, et al. "1550 nm ErAs:In(Al)GaAs large area photoconductive emitters." Applied Physics Letters 101.10 (2012).

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