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Electron-Electron Interaction in the Magnetoresistance of Graphene

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Author(s): Jobst J, Waldmann D, Gornyi I, Mirlin A, Weber HB
Publisher: American Physical Society
Publication year: 2012
Volume: 108
Journal issue: 10
ISSN: 0031-9007


We investigate the magnetotransport in large area graphene Hall bars epitaxially grown on silicon carbide. In the intermediate field regime between weak localization and Landau quantization, the observed temperature-dependent parabolic magnetoresistivity is a manifestation of the electron-electron interaction. We can consistently describe the data with a model for diffusive ( magneto) transport that also includes magnetic-field-dependent effects originating from ballistic time scales. We find an excellent agreement between the experimentally observed temperature dependence of magnetoresistivity and the theory of electron-electron interaction in the diffusive regime. We can further assign a temperature-driven crossover to the reduction of the multiplet modes contributing to electron-electron interaction from 7 to 3 due to intervalley scattering. In addition, we find a temperature-independent ballistic contribution to the magnetoresistivity in classically strong magnetic fields.

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APA: Jobst, J., Waldmann, D., Gornyi, I., Mirlin, A., & Weber, H.B. (2012). Electron-Electron Interaction in the Magnetoresistance of Graphene. Physical Review Letters, 108(10).

MLA: Jobst, Johannes, et al. "Electron-Electron Interaction in the Magnetoresistance of Graphene." Physical Review Letters 108.10 (2012).

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