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Gateless patterning of epitaxial graphene by local intercalation

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Author(s): Sorger C, Hertel S, Jobst J, Steiner C, Meil K, Ullmann K, Albert A, Wang Y, Krieger M, Ristein J, Maier S, Weber HB
Publisher: Institute of Physics: Hybrid Open Access
Publication year: 2015
Volume: 26
Pages range: 025302
ISSN: 1361-6528


We present a technique to pattern the charge density of a large-area epitaxial graphene sheet locally without using metallic gates. Instead, local intercalation of the graphene-substrate interface can selectively be established in the vicinity of graphene edges or prede fined voids. It provides changes of the work function of several hundred meV, corresponding to a conversion from n-type to p-type charge carriers. This assignment is supported by photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and Hall effect measurements. The technique introduces materials contrast to a graphene sheet in a variety of geometries and thus allows for novel experiments and novel functionalities.

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APA: Sorger, C., Hertel, S., Jobst, J., Steiner, C., Meil, K., Ullmann, K.,... Weber, H.B. (2015). Gateless patterning of epitaxial graphene by local intercalation. Nanotechnology, 26, 025302.

MLA: Sorger, Christian, et al. "Gateless patterning of epitaxial graphene by local intercalation." Nanotechnology 26 (2015): 025302.

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