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Sense of coherence predicts employment outcomes after job-loss

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Author(s): Vastamäki J, Paul KI, Moser K
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publication year: 2011
Volume: 48
Pages range: 100-104
ISSN: 0022-0787


This study investigated sense of coherence (SOC) as a potential predictor of employment outcomes of unemployed job seekers. Ninety-eight unemployed persons were surveyed at 2 measurement points 6 months apart. The findings showed that strong SOC at baseline predicted positive outcomes (reemployment or being a student) 6 months later. SOC evidently is an important personal resource that enhances the chances of escaping unemployment. © 2011 by the American Counseling Association. All rights reserved.

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APA: Vastamäki, J., Paul, K.I., & Moser, K. (2011). Sense of coherence predicts employment outcomes after job-loss. Journal of Employment Counseling, 48, 100-104.

MLA: Vastamäki, Jaana, Karsten Ingmar Paul, and Klaus Moser. "Sense of coherence predicts employment outcomes after job-loss." Journal of Employment Counseling 48 (2011): 100-104.

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