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Moser K, Soucek R, Göritz AS - Ed.: Kauffeld S, Spurk D (2018)
Begabtenförderungswerke als öffentliche Karriereentwicklungssysteme
Handbuch Karriere und Laufbahnmanagement
Article in Edited Volumes
Saam NJ - Ed.: Beisbart, Claus, Nicole J. Saam (2018)
Validation Benchmarks
Computer Simulation Validation. Fundamental Concepts, Methodological Frameworks, Philosophical Perspectives
Unpublished / Preprint
Weiße J, Hauck M, Sledziewski T, et al. (2018)
Analysis of Compensation Effects in Aluminum-Implanted 4H-SiC Devices
Materials Science Forum
Article in Edited Volumes
Söll C, Reichenbach M, Röber J, et al. (2018)
Case Study on Memristor-Based Multilevel Memories
International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications
Journal article
Hinz T, Stegmaier J (2018)
Providing a consistent measure of further training for the IAB Establishment Panel
Other publication type (Technical Report)
Schmitt C, Hannig F, Teich J (2018)
A Target Platform Description Language for Parallel Code Generation
Conference contribution
Haase S, Haghikia A, Gold R, et al. (2018)
Dietary fatty acids and susceptibility to multiple sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis journal
Journal article
Grillenberger A, Romeike R - Ed.: Tatnall, Arthur; Webb, Mary (2018)
What Teachers and Students Know about Data Management
Tomorrow’s learning: Involving everyone - Learning with and about technologies and computing
Conference contribution
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