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ECG Measurement by Use of Passive Capacitively Coupled Electrodes

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Author(s): Kirchner J, Roth N, Meyer A, Fischer G
Publication year: 2016
Conference Proceedings Title: Proc. IEEE Sensors Conf.

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Event: IEEE Sensors
Event location: Orlando, FL
Start date of the event: 30/10/2016
End date of the event: 02/11/2016


The prototype of a capacitive ECG measurement device with purely passive signal transmission between electrodes and differential amplifier is presented. This design is intended to improve transmission symmetry and thus common-mode rejection. The feasibility of the approach is demonstrated by measurements with different materials between body surface and electrodes. The ECG module shall be incorporated in a mobile sensor platform in the form of a plaster for the monitoring of chronic diseases.

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APA: Kirchner, J., Roth, N., Meyer, A., & Fischer, G. (2016). ECG Measurement by Use of Passive Capacitively Coupled Electrodes. In Proc. IEEE Sensors Conf.. Orlando, FL, US.

MLA: Kirchner, Jens, et al. "ECG Measurement by Use of Passive Capacitively Coupled Electrodes." Proceedings of the IEEE Sensors, Orlando, FL 2016.

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