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Detection of Solar Particle Events inside FPGAs

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Author(s): Glein R, Rittner F, Heuberger A
Publication year: 2016
Conference Proceedings Title: Proceedings of Radiation Effects on Components & Systems Conference

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Event: Radiation Effects on Components & Systems Conference
Event location: Bremen
Start date of the event: 19/09/2016
End date of the event: 23/09/2016
Language: English


The intensity of radiation in space, which is affected by the sun, can differ over five orders of magnitude during a single sun cycle. This variation is caused by shocks of fast coronal mass ejections, which drive high-energy and long-duration par- ticle events, named solar particle events. With the knowledge of the current solar condition, operators can take countermeasures. They can save unnecessary redundancy during relaxed periods or switch the system in a safe state during a harsh period. We propose the block RAM inside the FPGA as a single-event upset sensor to detect solar particle events. The user can still access these block RAMs because we only evaluate the error signals from the error-correcting code logic. We are developing a solar condition detector including a model for statistical classification. This is based on Petri nets and we perform static as well as transient analyses to check the plausibility and to determine the detection time. By combining the evaluation of the model with the results of the implemented FPGA design, we detect the significant June 2015 solar particle event after 13.1 min (784 s), using all 298 block RAMs of a Virtex-5QV. The duration of this solar particle event was 56 h and the peak particle flux occurred after 21.6 h as energetic storm particle. We conclude, that SPEs cause a highly dynamic radiation environment, but the onset of such high intensity events can be detected and a response can be organized in a timely manner.

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APA: Glein, R., Rittner, F., & Heuberger, A. (2016). Detection of Solar Particle Events inside FPGAs. In Proceedings of Radiation Effects on Components & Systems Conference. Bremen.

MLA: Glein, Robért, Florian Rittner, and Albert Heuberger. "Detection of Solar Particle Events inside FPGAs." Proceedings of the Radiation Effects on Components & Systems Conference, Bremen 2016.

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