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Author(s): Ahuja B, Schaub A, Junker D, Karg M, Tenner F, Plettke R, Merklein M, Schmidt M
Publisher: SAIIE
Publication year: 2016
Volume: 27
Journal issue: 2
Pages range: 30-42
ISSN: 1012-277X
eISSN: 2224-7890


With its ability to fabricate fully dense 3-dimensional structures by selectively melting micro-sized metal powder, the Additive Manufacturing process of Laser Beam Melting (LBM) is being considered by many as a significant complimentary technology to the conventional forming and subtractive manufacturing processes. Even with its industrial acceptance, the LBM process still lacks a high degree of repeatability for the quality of the fabricated structures. This issue is often related to the variation in system technology, process or user influence. In order to fully understand the potential and limitations of the LBM process, the presented paper discusses the design, methodology and results of a round robin test conducted within the Collaborative Working Group (CWG) Lasers in Production at the International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP). Observed mechanical characteristics for samples from each of the participant are presented. The experiments are designed to obtain data related to mechanical characteristics for different build orientations and processing conditions in addition to the inherent system technology variations. The paper further discusses the observed process phenomena and their association to the induced mechanical characteristics.

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APA: Ahuja, B., Schaub, A., Junker, D., Karg, M., Tenner, F., Plettke, R.,... Schmidt, M. (2016). A ROUND ROBIN STUDY FOR LASER BEAM MELTING IN METAL POWDER BED. South African Journal of Industrial Engineering, 27(2), 30-42. 10.7166/27-2-1201

MLA: Ahuja, Bhrigu, et al. "A ROUND ROBIN STUDY FOR LASER BEAM MELTING IN METAL POWDER BED." South African Journal of Industrial Engineering 27.2 (2016): 30-42.

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