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Newton's constant from a minimal length: Additional models

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Author(s): Sahlmann H
Publisher: Institute of Physics: Hybrid Open Access
Publication year: 2011
Volume: 28
Journal issue: 1
ISSN: 0264-9381


We follow arguments of Verlinde (2010 arXiv:1001.0785 [hep-th]) and Klinkhamer (2010 arXiv:1006.2094 [hep-th]), and construct two models of the microscopic theory of a holographic screen that allow for the thermodynamical derivation of Newton's law, with Newton's constant expressed in terms of a minimal length scale l contained in the area spectrum of the microscopic theory. One of the models is loosely related to the quantum structure of surfaces and isolated horizons in loop quantum gravity. Our investigation shows that the conclusions reached by Klinkhamer regarding the new length scale l seem to be generic in all their qualitative aspects. © 2011 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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APA: Sahlmann, H. (2011). Newton's constant from a minimal length: Additional models. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 28(1).

MLA: Sahlmann, Hanno. "Newton's constant from a minimal length: Additional models." Classical and Quantum Gravity 28.1 (2011).

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