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Innovation management and marketing in the high-tech sector: A content analysis of advertisements

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Author(s): Gerhard, D., Brem, A., Baccarella, C., Voigt, K.-I.
Publication year: 2011
Volume: 28
Journal issue: 1
Pages range: 330-348
ISSN: 2277-5846
Language: English


Advertizing high-technology products is a tricky and critical task for every company, since it means operating in an environment with high market uncertainty. The work presents results of a content analysis of 110 adverts for consumer electronics products which examines how these products and the incorporated technology are communicated to the customer. Based on established coding schemes, the content and the appeals of the adverts are evaluated by coders. The results show that these adverts are very informative, mainly have rational appeals and feature products being in the early stage of their life cycles. Regarding the specific content, the ‘mother brand’ is shown to play a very important role. On the other hand, the results show that incorporated technology, its superiority and functionality do not play an important role in the advertisements.

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