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Author(s): Gomes CM, Gutbrod B, Travitzky N, Fey T, Greil P
Publisher: American Ceramic Society
Publication year: 2010
Volume: 210
Pages range: 421-427
ISSN: 1042-1122


Preceramic paper may serve as a preform to manufacture light weight as well as multilayer ceramic products. Fiber reinforced preceramic paper was prepared from bioorganic pulp Fibers, alumina fibers and ceramic fillers. After filtration, pressing and drying the preceramic paper sheet was processed into single sheet and multilayer components. Applying well established paper processing technologies including laminated object manufacturing lightweight ceramic structures of variable shape, size, and complexity may easily be achieved offering a high potential for economical production process based on preceramic paper.

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APA: Gomes, C.M., Gutbrod, B., Travitzky, N., Fey, T., & Greil, P. (2010). PRECERAMIC PAPER DERIVED FIBRILLAR CERAMICS. Ceramic Transactions, 210, 421-427.

MLA: Gomes, Cynthia M., et al. "PRECERAMIC PAPER DERIVED FIBRILLAR CERAMICS." Ceramic Transactions 210 (2010): 421-427.

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