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(Conference Contribution)

Key Competences with Physical Computing

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Author(s): Przybylla M, Romeike R
Publisher: Universitätsverlag
Publishing place: Potsdam
Publication year: 2014
Title of series: Commentarii informaticae didacticae (CID)
Conference Proceedings Title: KEYCIT 2014 – Key Competencies in Informatics and ICT
Pages range: -
ISBN: 978-3-86956-292-6
ISSN: 1868-0844
Event: KEYCIT 2014
Event location: Potsdam

How to cite
APA: Przybylla, M., & Romeike, R. (2014). Key Competences with Physical Computing. In KEYCIT 2014 – Key Competencies in Informatics and ICT (pp. -). Potsdam: Potsdam: Universitätsverlag.

MLA: Przybylla, Mareen, and Ralf Romeike. "Key Competences with Physical Computing." Proceedings of the KEYCIT 2014, Potsdam Potsdam: Universitätsverlag, 2014. -.

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