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Evaluating the Usability of Recent Consumer-Grade 3D Input Devices

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Author(s): Siegl C, Süßmuth J, Bauer F, Stamminger M
Title edited volumes: GRAPP 2014 - Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications
Publisher: SciTePress
Publication year: 2014
Conference Proceedings Title: Proc. VISIGRAPP 2014

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Event: VISIGRAPP 2014
Event location: Lisbon
Start date of the event: 07/01/2014
End date of the event: 09/01/2014
Language: English


Recently, 3D input devices such as the Microsoft Kinect sensor or the Leap Motion controller became increasingly popular - the later specialized in recognizing hand-gestures, advertising a very precise localization of tools and fingers. Such devices promise to enable a touchless interaction with the computer in threedimensional space enabling the design of entirely new user interfaces for natural 3D-modeling. However, while implementing a modeling application we found that there are still fundamental problems that can not easily be solved: The lack of a precise and atomic gesture for enabling and disabling interaction (clicking gesture) and a poor human depth perception and localization within an invisible coordinate frame. In this paper, we show why the precision of the interaction is not limited by hardware but software constraints.

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APA: Siegl, C., Süßmuth, J., Bauer, F., & Stamminger, M. (2014). Evaluating the Usability of Recent Consumer-Grade 3D Input Devices. In Proc. VISIGRAPP 2014. Lisbon: SciTePress.

MLA: Siegl, Christian, et al. "Evaluating the Usability of Recent Consumer-Grade 3D Input Devices." Proceedings of the VISIGRAPP 2014, Lisbon SciTePress, 2014.

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