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Investigating Contrast Settlement Using Virtual Angiography

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Author(s): Endres J, Redel T, Kowarschik M, Hornegger J
Title edited volumes: Informatik aktuell
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Publishing place: Berlin
Publication year: 2014
Conference Proceedings Title: Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin: Algorithmen, Systeme, Anwendungen
Pages range: 282-287
ISSN: 1431-472X

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Event: Proceedings des Workshops vom 16. bis 18. März 2014 in Aachen
Event location: Aachen
Start date of the event: 16/03/2014
End date of the event: 18/03/2014


Hemodynamic parameters based on the temporal behavior of contrast agent flow in cerebral aneurysms represent important indicators of the effectiveness of deployed micro devices. These measurements are also interesting for the assessment of virtual treatment planning strategies such as virtual device implantation combined with CFD simulations of blood flow and subsequently generated synthetic angiograms (virtual angiography). Due to settlement effects, contrast agent residence time may increase. As of today, virtual angiography does not explicitly model these effects such that differences between real and virtual angiograms are existent. Hence, we present an approach to examine this contrast agent settlement in virtual angiograms by adding a gravitational effect on simulated contrast agent. The model is evaluated on several cases with different characteristics by generating virtual angiograms with and without the proposed gravity model and comparisons against acquired, real angiograms. Primarily with regards to wash-out behavior and residence time, virtual angiograms including a gravity component show a significantly improved concordance with acquired angiograms.

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APA: Endres, J., Redel, T., Kowarschik, M., & Hornegger, J. (2014). Investigating Contrast Settlement Using Virtual Angiography. In Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin: Algorithmen, Systeme, Anwendungen (pp. 282-287). Aachen: Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

MLA: Endres, Jürgen, et al. "Investigating Contrast Settlement Using Virtual Angiography." Proceedings of the Proceedings des Workshops vom 16. bis 18. März 2014 in Aachen, Aachen Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2014. 282-287.

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