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Concepts for Autonomic Integrated Systems

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Author(s): Stechele W, Bringmann O, Ernst R, Herkersdorf A, Hojenski K, Janacik P, Rammig F, Teich J, Wehn N, Zeppenfeld J, Ziener D
Publisher: VDE
Publishing place: Berlin
Publication year: 2007
Conference Proceedings Title: Proceedings of edaWorkshop07
Pages range: ?-?
ISBN: 978-3-8007-3038-4
Event: edaWorkshop07
Event location: Hannover

How to cite
APA: Stechele, W., Bringmann, O., Ernst, R., Herkersdorf, A., Hojenski, K., Janacik, P.,... Ziener, D. (2007). Concepts for Autonomic Integrated Systems. In Proceedings of edaWorkshop07 (pp. ?-?). Hannover, DE: Berlin: VDE.

MLA: Stechele, Walter, et al. "Concepts for Autonomic Integrated Systems." Proceedings of the edaWorkshop07, Hannover Berlin: VDE, 2007. ?-?.

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