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Ensuring FPGA Reconfiguration in Space

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Author(s): Glein R, Rittner F, Hofmann A
Title edited volumes: Xcell Journal
Publication year: 2013
Journal issue: 84
Pages range: 23-27
Language: English


The reconfiguration of the digital hardware structure is an essential part of modern FPGA-based on-board processors, in order to assure system flexibility. We use a state-of-the-art configuration method to configure the FPGAs of the target platform by an external logic. A failure of this external logic is a single-point-of-failure. Therefore, we introduce a fail-safe initial configuration, which enables self-reconfiguration of the FPGAs by partial reconfiguration. This fail-safe reconfiguration reduces the dependency on external configuration logic.
The major advantage is the increase in system reliability regarding the main challenge of FPGA reconfiguration. This possibility arises due to the coexistence of both configuration methods.
We implemented and demonstrated this configuration concept on an elegant bread board.

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APA: Glein, R., Rittner, F., & Hofmann, A. (2013). Ensuring FPGA Reconfiguration in Space. .

MLA: Glein, Robért, Florian Rittner, and Alexander Hofmann. Ensuring FPGA Reconfiguration in Space. 2013.

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