Third party funded individual grant
Selective electron beam melting of catalytically active copper-based materials

Project Details
Start date: 01/09/2016
End date: 31/08/2019

Abstract (technical / expert description):

Raney-copper is a catalyst made from a copper base alloy containing at least one less noble element than copper (e.g. zinc). After fabricating the base material via a casting process consisting of a melt and a quenching step the alloy can be converted into a nanoporous and catalytically active structure using an alkaline solution.

During this project a Raney-copper type alloy will be processed using the selective electron beam melting process (SEBM). The main goal of this project is to utilize the process’ specific characteristics like a high cooling rate and geometric freedom to build periodic cellular catalyst structures. Those cellular structures surface will then be made catalytically active for their application in the methanol synthesis process using a leaching step. In contrast to other yet fabricated cellular metal catalyst structures the Raney-copper ones do not need any further coating with active species like e.g. palladium.

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