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Process strategies for the selective electron beam melting process

Project Details
Acronym: SFB 814 (B02)
Start date: 01/07/2011
End date: 30/06/2019

Abstract (technical / expert description):

Selective electron beam melting represents an interesting alternative to laser melting in the field of powder-based additive manufacturing methods. The evacuated build chamber and the overall high performance allow for the production of components with excellent properties. The almost inertia free deflection and focusing of the electron beam by electromagnetic lenses facilitates extremely high construction speeds at very high precision levels.
This project has the goal to optimize electron beam properties and to provide a better understanding of the melting process and of other influences in order to tap the full potential of this process, both with regard to energy input and process speed. Here, process monitoring plays an important role. Process influences, such as temperature distribution, scanning strategies, and electron beam properties are investigated using both a thermal and a high-speed camera. In addition, the existing field of parameters will be expanded to include high scanning rates (up to 10 m/s). The influence of powder properties, e.g., particle size distribution and bulk density, different scanning strategies, e.g., the multi-beam strategy, will be evaluated in order to tailor component properties.

Overall project details
Overall project: SFB 814: Additive Fertigung
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