Andreas Christian Gröschl

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Conference contribution
Helmecke E, Fleßner M, Gröschl AC, et al. (2015)
Numerical measurement uncertainty determination for computed tomography in dimensional metrology
Proceedings of the 21st IMEKO Word Congress

Conference contribution
Gröschl AC, Götz J, Loderer A, et al. - Ed.: Jianrong, T. (2014)
Measures of improvement MUVoT, a Blended Learning course on the topic of Measurement Uncertainty for advanced Vocational Training
Proceedings of the 13th CIRP Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing

Conference contribution
Akkasoglu G, Werner T, Loderer A, et al. - Ed.: Jochem, R. ; Rößle, D. (2013)
Nachhaltige Qualitätsverbesserung durch ein gesteigertes Bewusstsein fuer die Messunsicherheit
Qualitätsmanagement nachhaltig gestalten und umsetzen

Conference contribution
Gröschl AC, Loderer A, Plowucha W, et al. (2013)
MUVOT - Establishing an international vocational training program on the topic of measurement uncertainty
Abstracts of the ISMQC 2013

Journal article
Alexeev I, Strauß J, Gröschl AC, et al. (2013)
Laser focus positioning method with submicrometer accuracy
Applied Optics

Journal article
Strauß J, Cvecek K, Gröschl AC, et al. (2012)
Focus Alignment Method for Laser Manufacturing at Sub-micron Positional Accuracy
Physics Procedia

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