Dr. Michael Jank

Project lead

Growth and stability of anisotropic nanoparticles in liquids
Third Party Funds Group - Sub project
(01/10/2013 - 30/09/2017)

Project member

Thin-Film Transistors with Novel Architecture for RF Circuits and Systems
Third Party Funds Group - Sub project
(01/06/2016 - 30/05/2019)

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Journal article
Wegener CM, Spiehl D, Sauer HM, et al. (2016)
Flexographic printing of nanoparticulate tin-doped indium oxide inks on PET foils and glass substrates
Journal of Materials Science

Conference contribution
Hutzler A, Branscheid R, Jank M, et al. - Ed.: Microscopy Society of America (2016)
Graphene-Supported Microwell Liquid Cell for In Situ Electron Microscopy in Materials Science

Journal article
Liu X, Wegener CM, Polster S, et al. (2016)
Materials Integration for Printed Zinc Oxide Thin-Film Transistors: Engineering of a Fully-Printed Semiconductor/Contact Scheme
Journal of Display Technology

Journal article
Peukert W, Meric Z, Mehringer C, et al. (2015)
Tunable conduction type of solution-processed germanium nanoparticle based field effect transistors and their inverter integration
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Journal article
Oertel S, Jank M, Teuber E, et al. (2014)
High-mobility metal-oxide thin-film transistors by spray deposition of environmentally friendly precursors
Thin Solid Films

Journal article
Baum M, Polster S, Jank M, et al. (2013)
Laser melting of nanoparticulate transparent conductive oxide thin films
Journal of Laser Micro Nanoengineering

Journal article
Baum M, Polster S, Jank M, et al. (2012)
Efficient laser induced consolidation of nanoparticulate ZnO thin films with reduced thermal budget
Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing

Journal article
Jank M, Frey L, Peukert W, et al. (2011)
EPR investigations of non-oxidized silicon nanoparticles from thermal pyrolysis of silane
Physica Status Solidi

Journal article
Jang YS, Jank M, Maier V, et al. (2010)
SiC ceramic micropatterns from polycarbosilanes
Journal of the European Ceramic Society

Journal article
Körmer R, Jank M, Ryssel H, et al. (2010)
Aerosol synthesis of silicon nanoparticles with narrow size distribution-Part 1: Experimental investigations
Journal of Aerosol Science

Conference contribution
Jank M, Kandziora C, Frey L, et al. (2006)
Well Design in a Bulk CMOS Technology with Low Mask Count
AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 866, Issue 1

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