Prof. Dr. Hanno Sahlmann

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Journal article
Sahlmann H, Zilker T (2017)
Extensions of the Duflo map and Chern-Simons expectation values
Journal of Geometry and Physics

Journal article
Dhandhukiya S, Sahlmann H (2017)
Towards Hartle-Hawking states for connection variables

Sahlmann H, Eder K (2017)
Quantum theory of charged black hole horizons

Dhandhukiya S, Sahlmann H (2016)
On the Hartle-Hawking state for loop quantum gravity

Journal article
Lewandowski J, Sahlmann H (2016)
Loop quantum gravity coupled to a scalar field
Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology

Journal article
Sahlmann H, Pranzetti D (2015)
Horizon entropy with loop quantum gravity methods
Physics Letters B

Journal article
Sahlmann H, Lewandowski J (2015)
Symmetric scalar constraint for loop quantum gravity
Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology

Article in Edited Volumes
Neeb KH, Thiemann T, Sahlmann H - Ed.: V. Dobrev (2015)
Weak Poisson structures on infinite dimensional manifolds and hamiltonian actions
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics

Lohberger J, Sahlmann H (2014)
Doubly special relativity

Wasserka T, Sahlmann H (2014)
Four-valent vertex and the Penrose metric

Sahlmann H, Wolz F (2014)
Geometric meaning of the Penrose metric

Frembs M, Sahlmann H (2013)
The holonomy-flux algebra in low dimensions

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