Prof. Dr. Rainer Hock

Project lead

Third party funded individual grant
(01/02/2010 - 31/01/2013)

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Journal article
Levchuk I, Herre P, Brandl M, et al. (2017)
Ligand-assisted thickness tailoring of highly luminescent colloidal CH3NH3PbX3 (X = Br and I) perovskite nanoplatelets
Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)

Journal article
Shrestha S, Fischer R, Matt G, et al. (2017)
High-performance direct conversion X-ray detectors based on sintered hybrid lead triiodide perovskite wafers
Nature Photonics

Conference contribution
Levchuk I, Högl F, Brandl M, et al. (2016)
Organometallic perovskites for optoelectronic applications (Conference Presentation)
SPIE Nanoscience + Engineering, 2016

Journal article
Sayed MH, Brandl M, Chory C, et al. (2016)
In-situ XRD investigation of re-crystallization and selenization of CZTS nanoparticles
Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Journal article
Khanzada LS, Levchuk I, Hou Y, et al. (2016)
Effective Ligand Engineering of the Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanocrystal Surface for Increasing Hole Transport Efficiency in Perovskite Solar Cells
Advanced Functional Materials

Journal article
Levchuk I, Hou Y, Gruber M, et al. (2016)
Deciphering the Role of Impurities in Methylammonium Iodide and Their Impact on the Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells
Advanced Materials Interfaces

Journal article
Tang X, Brandl M, May B, et al. (2016)
Photoinduced degradation of methylammonium lead triiodide perovskite semiconductors
Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Conference contribution
Yoo H, Wibowo RA, Manoharan G, et al. (2015)
The formation mechanism of secondary phases in Cu2ZnSnSe4 absorber layer

Journal article
Ahmad R, Brandl M, Distaso M, et al. (2015)
A comprehensive study on the mechanism behind formation and depletion of Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) phases

Journal article
Wilhelm M, Rieth M, Brandl M, et al. (2015)
Optimization of growth parameters for growth of high quality heteroepitaxial 3C-SiC films at 1200 degrees C
Thin Solid Films

Journal article
Hou Y, Azimi SH, Gasparini N, et al. (2015)
Low-Temperature Solution-Processed Kesterite Solar Cell Based on in Situ Deposition of Ultrathin Absorber Layer
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Conference contribution
Schuster M, Möckel S, Wibowo RA, et al. - Ed.: Materials Research Society 2013 (2013)
Optimising the parameters for the synthesis of CuIn-nanoparticles by chemical reduction method for chalcopyrite thin film precursors
MRS Proceedings / Volume 1538 / 2013

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