Prof. Dr. Frauke Liers-Bergmann

Project lead

Third Party Funds Group - Sub project
(01/01/2017 - 31/12/2021)

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Journal article
Grimm V, Kleinert T, Liers F, et al. (2017)
Optimal Price Zones in Electricity Markets: A Mixed-Integer Multilevel Model and Global Solution Approaches
Optimization Methods & Software

Journal article
Gottschalk C, Koster A, Liers F, et al. (2017)
Robust flows over time: models and complexity results
Mathematical Programming - -

Other publication type (Technical Report)
Liers F, Martin A, Peter A (2017)
Mathematical Analysis of Runway Scheduling with Aircraft Precedences

Article in Edited Volumes
Gronemann M, Jünger M, Liers F, et al. (2016)
Crossing Minimization in Storyline Visualization
Proceedings of the 24th International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization - Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Journal article
Kapolke M, Fürstenau N, Heidt A, et al. (2016)
Pre-tactical optimization of runway utilization under uncertainty
Journal of Air Transport Management

Journal article
Liers F, Martin A, Pape S (2016)
Binary Steiner Trees: Structural Results and an Exact Solution Approach
Discrete Optimization

Journal article
Heidt A, Helmke H, Kapolke M, et al. (2016)
Robust runway scheduling under uncertain conditions
Journal of Air Transport Management

Journal article
Cacchiani V, Jünger M, Liers F, et al. (2016)
Single-commodity robust network design with finite and Hose demand sets
Mathematical Programming

Journal article
Liers F, Merkert M (2016)
Structural Investigation of Piecewise Linearized Network Flow Problems
SIAM Journal on Optimization

Journal article
Bärmann A, Liers F, Martin A, et al. (2015)
Solving Network Design Problems via Iterative Aggregation
Mathematical Programming Computation -

Journal article
Hupp LM, Klein L, Liers F (2015)
An exact solution method for quadratic matching: The one-quadratic-term technique and generalisations
Discrete Optimization

Article in Edited Volumes
Fürstenau N, Heidt A, Kapolke M, et al. - Ed.: Dirk Schäfer (2015)
Pre-Tactical Planning of Runway Utilization Under Uncertainty: Optimization and Validation
Proceedings of the SESAR Innovations Days 2015

Article in Edited Volumes
Heidt A, Helmke H, Liers F, et al. - Ed.: D.~Schäfer (2014)
Robust Runway Scheduling using a time-indexed model
Proceedings of the SESAR Innovation Days 2014

Article in Edited Volumes
Heidt A, Kapolke M, Liers F, et al. - Ed.: Dirk Schaefer, Javier Saez (2014)
Pre-tactical Time Window assignment: Runway Utilization and the Impact of Uncertainties
Proceedings of the SESAR Innovation Days 2014

Article in Edited Volumes
Anjos M, Liers F, Pardella GL, et al. - Ed.: Karoly Bezdek, Antoine Deza, Yinyu Ye (2013)
Engineering Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for the Equicut Problem
Discrete Geometry and Optimization - Fields Institute Communications

Article in Edited Volumes
Anjos M, Ghaddar B, Hupp LM, et al. - Ed.: Michael Jünger, Gerhard Reinelt (2013)
Solving k-way graph partitioning problems to optimality: The impact of semidefinite relaxations and the bundle method
Facets of Combinatorial Optimization

Journal article
Hupp LM, Liers F (2013)
A polyhedral study of the Hamiltonian p-median problem
Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics

Article in Edited Volumes
Anjos M, Liers F - Ed.: Miguel F. Anjos, Jean B. Lasserre (2012)
Global approaches for facility layout and VLSI floorplanning
Handbook on Semidefinite, Conic and Polynomial Optimization - International Series in Operations Research & Management Science

Article in Edited Volumes
Álvarez-Miranda E, Cacchiani V, Dorneth T, et al. - Ed.: A. Ridha Mahjoub, Vangelis Markakis, Ioannis Milis, et al. (2012)
Models and algorithms for robust network design with several traffic scenarios
Combinatorial Optimization - Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Journal article
Liers F, Pardella GL (2012)
Partitioning planar graphs: A fast combinatorial approach for max-cut
Computational Optimization and Applications

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